Sticky Reviews

Sticky reviews allow you to post, link, store, share using text, graphics, videos, or other content simply by copying & pasting the pixel on your website. No coding knowledge is required! One can display Sticky Reviews on their website and let customers generate referrals for them.

The challenge

To redesign the website for Tier 5

My Role: As a UX designer at Idenisys, I co-developed the user interface design with my colleagues using Miro to compile the mood board and then Figma to create the wireframes for this project. I was part of a team of 3 who worked remotely for 2 weeks.

Tools: Miro | Figma | Adobe Illustrator | Whatsapp | Microsoft teams

Techniques: Double Diamond |Heuristic evaluation |Competitive Analysis | User Flow | Sketching | Digital Wireframes | Visual Design | Mood Board | Style Guide.

Heuristic Evaluation

Before the initial redesigning, we conducted a heuristic evaluation of the current design to analyze and determine the problems that can be improved throughout the design process. We did a thorough assessment of the user interface to identify usability issues.

This website was losing its customers for a myriad of reasons. Along with the competition, a major reason was its clumsy design.

The website prior to our redesigning


Higher Conversions: Convert more website visitors into signups and purchases.

Save on Acquisition: Your advertising spending will go further than ever before.

Increase Visitors Trust: People trust companies they see other people buy from as well.

Social Influence: Seeing other visitors taking action creates fear of missing out.


Due to the limited time frame, we started with competitor analysis and creating our mood board. Our team got on a call via Microsoft teams and created a mood board on Miro. Once we shortlisted a few inspirations, we decided to give it a minimalistic, easy-to-use look.

Low fidelity wireframes


We decided to use subtle shades of purples and greens.


We used the font Poppins throughout the website to ensure consistency.

High fidelity wireframes

A/B Testing

We compared the two versions of a webpage against each other to determine which one performs better. Our design was preferred.

Going forward

The client Tier5 is yet to implement the design. The website is live at and will be revamped soon.



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