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Jaano is a multi-lingual, citizen’s first civic participation platform, providing information about covid 19 in India.

Available on Android and iOS.

Categories to explore in the app

Project overview

When India was setting world records for the most number of cases, there was a dire need for a platform where people would get authentic information about the medical facilities available in the local area. At the same time. there was a need for a channel that allowed people to help one another.

What we did

We sought to help by creating a local communication channel where people could find information about covid zone divisions, guidelines for travelling, medical shops nearby, testings centers, hospitals, vaccination centers, current statistics, updates from the government.

The user interface of the app

Through this platform, they could also ask for help from locals and provide assistance to others in the locality.

My Role: As a UI/UX Designer, I co-developed the user flow and created the wireframes for this project.

Team and Timeline:

I was part of a team of 3 who worked remotely for 12 weeks.


Figma|Zoom| Adobe Illustrator|Slack |Google Drive|Whatsapp|Miro

Tools used for this project


Double Diamond | Competitive Analysis | User Research| User Flow | ‘How Might We’ Statement | Feature Prioritisation | Design Studios |Story boarding| Sketching | Digital Wireframes | Visual Design | Usability Testing | High Digital Mockup | Mood Board | Style Guide

Define Phase :

After getting data from our research team, we started developing the user persona and mapping the motivations, and pain points of the users to guide us through the decision-making process for the app.

We did empathy mapping and created user flows to understand the motivations and pain points of the users

Due to time constraints, we had to prioritize the key features that would be ideal to have on the app. This was organized based on how essential the features were, and the corresponding level of effort they would take to develop. Due to this, we focused on the top portion of the feature prioritization map.

Feature Prioritisation :

1 . Help Requests- An AI-powered citizen help request system where one can post a “Help Request”, get “Suggestions” from the community, and send a “Thank you” to the best solution!

2 . Access localized information feeds customized for your area-
The local feed included User Reviews, News, Local Updates, etc.
The official feed includes relevant Government Notices, Schemes, and Public Interest Information.

3 . Find and Review Public Facilities- Jaano had curated a comprehensive list of public facilities like Hospitals, Schools, Ration Shops, and COVID-19 Services from across India. The system allowed users to search and discover such nearby services and use the platform as a neutral repository of reviews to share and help each other and rate service experience.

We identified that people often participate when they are rewarded

We went on to add an element of gamification to encourage people to help others.

Introducing “Local Stars”! - Share your knowledge and help people near you to earn “Jaano Points” and become the Local Star of your area!

Introducing “User Profiles”-Build your Jaano reputation by adding your expertise and engaging with Feed posts, so that people can reach out to you for related help.


Initial Sketches were drawn to get a holistic idea of how the features will be placed on our screens.

We started with hand-drawn wireframes and discussed the outline of the app.

Wireframes and Prototypes:

We gathered as a team on zoom and combined our initial sketches.

Once we agreed on the layout of the app, we moved our sketches to digital low and mid-fidelity wireframes. We created prototypes and tested the outcomes within the team.

Basic outline of the onboarding process

Developing the User Interface

Colour Mood Board and Style Guide: We developed the color mood board, which gave us inspiration for the color schemes that we used on the app.

Colour Mood Board and Style Guide
Mid-fidelity wireframes
Collaborating on Figma and critically analysing the design decisions
High fidelity wireframes

The app is live on android with 500K+ downloads:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details id=com.jaano.android&hl=en_GB&gl=US

Reflection :

Working remotely for the first time was a difficult yet rewarding experience. With the current pandemic, we have to react quickly and find ways to ensure that we effectively communicate remotely. We used different platforms such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Slack, and Google Slides to ensure that my team and I can work together online.

If I were to redo this project, I would focus on ensuring that it passes the accessibility requirements.

I would reduce the number of colours used and make the UI simpler.



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