Desi Dhaba

The brief

The client being situated in Namibia joined the team on Google meet and discussed his requirements. He wanted a generic food delivery app and wanted it real quick.

My role

As the only UX designer at Idenisys IT Consulting, the app was designed by me in a period of 2 weeks.

Tools: Adobe XD| Adobe Illustrator | Whatsapp | Google meet | Miro

Techniques: Double Diamond | Competitive Analysis | User Flow | User journey mapping | Persona creation| Sketching | Digital Wireframes | Visual Design | Mood Board | Style Guide

Competitive analysis

Based on his requirement, I looked at other similar apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Dunzo for inspiration.

User flow

I moved on to creating the user journey and the flow of the app.

Colour scheme

The client wanted it bright and appetizing so we chose the color red as our primary colour.

Wireframes and UI design

The timeline was very tight and I had to hand over the UI design and components to the developer in less than a week.

After working for 8–9 hours daily, I completed the wireframes and UI design, prototyped, and got them approved by the client.

After the screens were designed, I created a clickable prototype using Adobe XD for the client in Namibia to try the app. There were a few founds of iteration and changes, post which, the app design was approved.


After the app, the client gave us the assignment for his website as well.



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