Cosmopolitan Pilgrim

The challenge

For this project, I am tasked to design my client’s educational website showcasing her past projects, blogs, and vlogs to attract potential customers and expand her reach as an academician. The client visited the office and discussed the relevant features, her taste and preferences, the objective of the website, the budget, and more.

My role

As the only UX designer at Idenisys IT Consulting, from the logo to the website everything was designed by me in a period of 1.5 weeks.

Tools: Adobe XD| Adobe Illustrator

Techniques: Brain storming| Competitive Analysis | User Flow | User journey mapping | Persona creation| Sketching | Digital Wireframes | Visual Design | Mood Board | Style Guide

Brand Identity

I gathered the keywords that my clients had for her brand. This allowed me to find inspirations for potential designs, and directly focus on her brand identity.

Competitive analysis

Based on her suggestions, I looked at other similar websites such as and more for inspiration.


Before creating the interface or logo, I began brainstorming with my client to get her feedback on what I can do as the designer to create the website in the way she visualizes.

Colour scheme and logo

We decided to keep it bright and vibrant. Thus, we selected 3 basic colours that the entire website would revolve around.

Simultaneously, I was also designing the logo for the brand.

Black, Yellow, and White.

User flow

After the logo was finalized and the client was content, I moved on to creating the user journey and the flow of the website.

Wireframes and UI design

The timeline was very tight and I had to hand over the UI design and components to the developer in less than a week.

After working for 8–9 hours daily, I completed the wireframes and UI design, prototyped, and got them approved by the client.

Prototyping and mockups

As it would be difficult for the client to under the usability of the website, I created a clickable mockup on XD and shared it with the client. I also shared mockups. The client was happy with the designs and soon the website was developed and made live.

The website is live at



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